1st Saturday of Summer: Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and Hot Weather


It was 82 degrees when thousands of runners toed the line at the Spring Lake 5 this weekend. I, like many, love starting my summer with this amazing tradition. My earliest running memories come from standing at the corner of 5th ave and Warren as thousands of people passed my cheering hands.

This year, I got the opportunity to get out there and join the crowd. Before the race started, 10,000+ people stood at attention while the pledge was sung. The crowd stood in respect and remembrance of those who had fallen protecting this great country. When it was over the crowd roared and the race began!

It was 82 out when my first sub 5-min mile began and felt like 102 when my 5:45 mile came around 15 minutes later. After months of Jersey winter and spring, I had forgotten about the power of the heat. As my miles became slower, and the sun began to feel like it was actively melting my face, I had some time to think about the summer sun and plan some strategies to avoid the heat this summer.

  1. Don’t beat the heat AVOID it! Run when it’s cool out. Mornings or evenings are best. Pick which one fits your day. I like to run in the morning so I don’t have to worry about my eating schedule. BUT, if you are like CBA’s resident shredder, Tanner, early morning swells may force you to run when the sun goes down.
  2. Always have WATER! Find a water bottle you like. Put some dope stickers on it, and bring it everywhere you go. It will allow you to stay hydrated all day without going through hundreds of plastic bottles. On top of that, have 5-gallon jugs of ice and water at practice ready to go with cool towels. Don’t be afraid to stop midway and put an icy towel on your neck. A one minute break for water and ice can save an entire days run!
  3. Block out those Rays!!! This one is huge. I’m a fair skinned guy and get burnt easily. Apply sunscreen every time you run. Hats and sunglasses also go a long way in preventing the sun from harming your eyes and face. Plus they have the added bonus of making you look cool or like a dork, but who cares!
  4. Don’t be a fool! Mother Nature makes the rules and we just play by them. If it’s hot adjust your run. 60 at 7min pace might turn into 50 at 7:30 pace. No matter how fit you are or how prepared you might be, 95 and humid is going to make any run hurt more than it should.  Talk to your coach and make sure you are progressing in the smartest way possible!


Good luck to everyone and enjoy the summer miles.

Don’t forget to sign up for camp August 19-24th!! Registration: https://radixrunning.com/registration-2/


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