1. a source or origin of something.

Rebeka Stowe and I (Mike Mazzaccaro) first met at a summer running camp in 2014. Rebeka was a post-collegiate athlete who had competed, at the highest levels of the NCAA, for the University of Kansas. She was currently running in the post- collegiate world for the NJNY track club furthering her dream as a national caliber runner. I was entering my senior year at Princeton University hoping to finally do something big on the college scene. While we went to the camp with different backgrounds we both saw some special things that year.

First, High School kids are awesome! They have an energy and passion for the running that I envy. They are some of the hardest working, nicest, most determined athletes on the planet. The second thing we realized was that summer XC camps are epic! They are a time for teams across the state to come together and put the finishing touches on their summer training. Teams come together to get closer, rivals come to learn from one another, and everyone comes to have fun and become a better runner.

Years after Rebeka and I met in 2014, our paths crossed again in 2017. Rebeka and I were both coaching HS cross-country teams in New Jersey. We started to reminisce about the fun we had counseling at summer XC camp. We knew that we wanted the kids we coached to have a camp experience like ours! We knew that we wanted them to become epic runners, great teammates, and awesome people! So we did what anyone would do and decided to start Radix Running Camp!

At Radix Running Camp, we aim to offer high school harriers the greatest XC camp in the country. We want to create an experience that helps them become the best they can be! Over the six days, we hope to make them better runners, athletes, and humans.

That is our goal and we hope you will join us in making it happen!


Mazz & Rebeka

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